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If you’re planning to play games online, you should make sure that the site you’ve chosen is legitimate. This means understanding the security measures, licensing status, and responsible gambling partnerships. It’s easy to get confused with all the terms and jargon associated with online gaming sites. Fortunately, we’ve broken it down for you and provided some lists of the best places to play.

Choosing Online Gaming Sites in Italy

Among the biggest Italian online gaming sites are PokerStars and Flutter. PokerStars became the market leader in 2017 and has since maintained its position. Flutter was among the top performers in September 2020 and has plans to expand its portfolio across Europe. Its vision is to be the best sports betting and gaming site in the world.

In Italy, operators must obtain a license before they can operate. They must also make sure that their servers are located within the country. The license process takes about three months. Applicants must also obtain certification for their online platforms. The Gaming Authority is the authority that oversees the licensing process. This regulatory body oversees online gaming in Italy and helps ensure that Videoslots casino Italy in the country adhere to high standards of security.

The Italian government has legalized online gambling. ADM has a website that provides more information on the subject. However, it is not possible to access all relevant information in English. In addition to the above regulations, online gambling in Italy is subject to taxation. The tax rate depends on the amount of money won. If the winnings are less than EUR500, it’s 6%, while for winnings over EUR500 it’s 19%. Most online gambling sites in Italy will collect the tax before they send you the money you win.

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