Get the Best Microblading in Dubai

best microblading in dubai

A qualified and experienced artist will guide you through the process and create an exact replica of your eyebrows. Microblading requires several steps to achieve a natural-looking look. Typically, it takes around two hours to complete the procedure. The technique involves drawing individual hair strokes, which look just like your real brows. Although the results of the procedure will last for up to 18 months, they can fade faster on oily skin. If you are considering having this procedure done, make sure you choose an experienced microblading artist with a good portfolio.

Results Will Last Anywhere From Three To Six Months

You can get the best microblading in Dubai at the Royal Retreat Spa, a lady’s beauty salon in Dubai. The salon specializes in brow bars, eyebrow tattoos, and lip blushing. For your consultation, you can also ask for a discount on other treatments, such as facials, waxing, and massages. The Royal Retreat Spa offers free consultations and treatments and has a renowned reputation for microblading.

Depending on the size and shape of your eyebrows, microblading in Dubai usually takes two to three hours to complete. The first session involves shaping your brows and choosing pigment colors. Once you have selected your colors, the procedure can begin. The results can last from one to three years, depending on your lifestyle and skin condition. As with any cosmetic procedure, you’ll need to allow a few days for the procedure to heal completely.

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