Jeddah Lawyer

Jeddah lawyer

You might need a Jeddah lawyer for divorce or other legal problems. You may also need a lawyer for international commercial arbitration, will writing, and conflict resolution. You might even need an attorney for a company in need of bankruptcy and other legal services. If you are looking for a Jeddah lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. Just read on to learn more about the services available to you. URL – محامي جدة

International Network And Can Handle Complex Deals From A Variety Of Jurisdictions

The Law Offices of Dr. Mohamed H. Hoshan has a history of providing broad-based legal services. They represent a wide range of clients, including multinational, Japanese, and European corporations. They are also a founding partner of Gulf Consultants for the Protection of Intellectual Property. The firm’s other major practice areas include litigation and arbitration. Khaleel al-Basha works with clients to ensure that they receive the legal representation they need, without compromising their safety.

Wael A. Alissa, an associate with Dentons & Co., handles international and regional disputes. The firm’s corporate team includes attorneys with expertise in joint venture and international arbitration. They also handle oil and gas transactions and have a solid track record in international arbitration. Their corporate lawyers excel in construction disputes and other matters involving oil and gas companies. Moreover, they are backed by a large international network and can handle complex deals from a variety of jurisdictions.

Saudi Arabia is increasingly censoring social media, but it also has its upsides. Saudi citizens are more likely to view YouTube videos than ever before. One popular home-made show on the video site is “La Yekthar,” which pokes fun at the pompous state-run news. Another episode of “La Yekthar” pokes fun at the $15 million bill for fixing toilets in a public park. Meanwhile, a young Saudi woman filmed religious police ejecting her from a mall. In the end, she uploaded her video to YouTube.

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