Private Hiking Tours in New Zealand

private hiking tours NZ

With a private hiking tour in New Zealand, you can plan your itinerary around the natural beauty of the country. A professional guide will take you on an unforgettable journey by sharing his or her extensive knowledge of the landscape, flora, and fauna. A private hiking guide will help you make every moment of your vacation count. Read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring a hiking guide. You’ll be glad you did. Source

The Most Important Aspect Of A Private Hiking Tour Is The Quality Of Service

Private hiking tours in New Zealand take you to breathtakingly beautiful places, including national parks and untouched wilderness. You’ll enjoy hikes to seal colonies, pancake rocks, and the pristine Rob Roy Glacier. Afterwards, you’ll have free time to explore the local attractions, including kayaking and cycling. Private hiking tours in New Zealand are the best way to see the country from a new perspective and to truly enjoy the beauty of the country.

Sarah Inglewood, owner and guide of the Odyssey Traveller, has traveled the world since her childhood. She has worked in the field of emergency response, then in outdoor education, and is currently a qualified hiking guide. Mark Brinsden, another tour guide, is a keen adventurer. His background includes bioscience, financial markets, and a range of outdoor activities. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the region and is passionate about educating visitors about New Zealand’s diverse culture and environment.

Glaciers are another highlight of the country. Glaciers in New Zealand are easily accessible for visitors, and over 3,000 of them are found throughout the country. Two of the most famous glaciers in New Zealand are on the West Coast of the South Island. For the more adventurous, guided ice walks are available at both glaciers. The takahe is one of New Zealand’s national icons and was long thought lost. However, after a discovery in the Fiordland mountains in 1948, it became an iconic creature. Their reintroduction helped shape conservation practices in New Zealand.

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