What To Avoid In A Tightening Mask

A Tightening Mask is like any other mask, but instead of applying it to your face, you apply it to your neck and jawline. Tightening masks are designed to firm the skin on the neck and chin so that if there are saggy parts or wrinkles on these areas, they will appear smaller after using the Tightening Mask.


When you put on a Tightening Mask, you must be careful not to do certain things in order for the Tightening Mask to work its magic without side effects. 


Here are 12 things that you should NOT do while wearing a Tightening Mask:


1) Do not drink hot beverages within 20 minutes before or after putting on the Tightening Mask. 

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When drinking hot beverages, make sure that you do not put the cup on your Tightening Mask as this can cause some of the Tightening Mask to transfer onto the surface of the cup and then into your mouth.


2) Do not wear a Tightening Mask for more than 30 minutes. 


After half an hour, take off your Tightening Mask and let your skin dry up before putting on another Tightening Mask or putting on make-up. This will prevent certain chemicals from settling into your pores and causing pimples and infections.


3) Avoid sleeping with Tightening Masks still on at night. 


If you do so, there is a chance that you might accidentally smudge it onto your pillow, which may lead to breakouts in the future. Also maybe quite uncomfortable for you if Tightening Mask is still on your face when you sleep.


4) Avoid wearing Tightening Masks during gym or sports activities. 


Tightening Masks are not sweat-proof and may cause the Tightening Mask to run into your eyes, which can then tangle with your contact lenses. During gym or sports activities, it is best to put on a regular mask (one that does not tighten the skin).


5) Do not use Tightening Masks within 24 hours after using Retinoid Cream. 


Tightening Masks work by increasing blood flow to the areas where they are applied. If you have recently used Retinoid cream on these parts, this process will increase even more so than usual and result in an increased chance of side effects such as skin irritation.


6) Tightening Masks should not be put on before moisturizing.


As moisturizing will lock the Tightening Mask onto your skin and make it difficult for you to take off the Tightening Mask. 


Do not use Tightening Masks if you have oily skin. Tightening Masks typically do not work well with people who have extremely oily skin because these people already produce a large amount of oil that can be enough to prevent Tightening Masks from doing their job properly.


8) Take medication only 30 minutes after taking off Tightening masks.


Otherwise, there is a chance that some of it may get into your system through the pores in your neck. This does not happen very often, but you can help prevent it by waiting 30 minutes after removing Tightening masks before taking any medication or swallowing pills of any kind.


9) Tightening Masks are not recommended for pregnant women. 


Tightening masks work by increasing blood flow to the areas where they are applied, which can cause side effects such as skin irritation and inflammation if you are currently pregnant. It is best to avoid Tightening Masks completely while you are pregnant. 


10) Tightening Masks should not be used more than twice a week in the same area 


Otherwise your skin will become too dry and irritated. 


If you feel like using Tightening Masks more often, put them on other parts of your body instead (such as your arms). 


11) Do not use Tightening Mask 


Tightening Masks can cause dryness and irritation if used more often than recommended, so please use Tightening Masks with caution.


12) Tightening masks should not be put on a person who is currently taking medication related to high blood pressure. 


Tightening masks increase blood flow, which may cause the Tightening Mask to become very hot and cause an increased heart rate. This does not happen very often, but you can help prevent it from happening by waiting an hour after taking Tightening masks before taking any medication for high blood pressure.


Tightening masks should also not be used if you have a history of heart disease, especially if Tightening Masks make you feel uncomfortable or unusually hot. Read more.

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