10 Best Things About Lip Blush Tattoo

#10. They’re semi-permanent

Lip blushes are semi-permanent – they usually won’t last longer than 6 months, but this is still longer than most of the usual makeup you’ll wear on your lips. This means that if you get tired of these lip colours or would like to try something else, removing them will be simple and discomfort free.

#9. They can give colour & even more colour!

Lip blushes can be worn with a lip liner to give full-colour coverage when applied. If you prefer a sheer application, simply apply it directly with the applicator brush provided when purchasing this type of cosmetic. You will always have all day long control over how much colour goes on your lips.

#8. They have an awesome finish!

Lip blush has a marvellous sheen on the lips, making them ideal for people who love to wear glosses and creamy lipsticks. This type of shiny application will go well with most of your favourite looks and styles – from casual everyday clothing to more formal attire.

#7. They’re easy to apply & won’t take forever!

2 swipes are enough when applying a lip blush – it’s that easy to achieve this amazing look! It takes less time than applying lipstick, so you’ll get out the door looking gorgeous in no time flat. After all, we know that speed is key when getting ready in the mornings.   [You can stop here or add more; it’s up to you]

#6. They’re the best for your lips!

Lip Blushes are made out of several lip-nourishing ingredients, including Vitamin E which is amazing for additional moisture. This means that when choosing this type of cosmetic, you’ll get beautiful colours with visible benefits to offer your lips in return, making them look even better than they did before. 

#5. All skin tones can wear them!

If you’ve never worn anything on your lips but lipstick or glosses before, then this is the perfect time to try something new – like a lip blush with several possible shades and looks available. They come in light pinks & peaches for lighter complexions and deeper tones of reds and corals for more tanned looks.

#4. They make getting dressed a snap!

Wearing lipstick or gloss is very challenging when you have to get ready quickly. Lip blushes are the perfect solution! You can apply, go on with your day, and then reapply if needed later on without having to worry about smudging or running out of colour before you’re ready.

This means that it’s possible to keep this lip tone on even as you go into business meetings or other formal events where a little bit of colour will be appreciated by those around you.

#3. They won’t run if you kiss someone!

Lip blushes stay put all day long – so no worries about smearing your lip colour when you kiss your partner goodbye before they head out to work!  

#2. They’re the most flattering shade for everyone!

Lip blushes come in a wide range of colours, from soft and innocent colours like baby pink and rose beige to deeper and richer tones of raspberry reds and peachy oranges. No matter what your style is, there’s a perfect tone that will go well with any type of clothing you own – including that dress with the cutout shoulder panels that just came in the mail last week. 

and the #1 best thing about Lip blush…

#1. They’re available in a variety of styles!

Have you been looking for the perfect lip stain? With so many different types on the market, this has never been easier to achieve because there’s a colour and style available to suit your personality and preferences. So use a lip blush today – no matter what type of look you’re going for!

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