Romantic Things That Couples Do in Sydney

Romantic Things That Couples Do in Sydney

Many people go to Australia for its beautiful and permanent sunny days and warm weather. This provides a great opportunity for couples to do some romantic things in the sun! 

Here are couples of things to do in Sydney:

1) Go on a picnic at The Royal Botanical Gardens

Sit by the pond with your loved one, enjoy taking pictures of all the lovely flowers and eat freshly made sandwiches! (Note: The place is popular so it’s best to get their early or reserve ahead)

2) Sail somewhere far away like Pittwater

Take the ferry out onto Pittwater where you can experience all-day entertainment such as fishing, wakeboarding, kayaking and relaxing on white sandy beaches. (Note: There are also food and drink stalls at the port, which make for great opportunities to get a nice souvenir picture).

3) Go to Mark Taylor’s Glass House Mountains

Take the beautiful drive past rainforests to this lookout where you can see all of the glasshouse mountain ranges! It is said that it was voted as one of the most romantic places in Australia. So much that there are now proposals held each night! (Note: There are no toilets here so remember to go before you start your journey!)

4) Walk along Balmoral Beach with your loved one

This is a walking path during the day and fully lit up at night. The lights change colour every 10 seconds or so. a better way to walk than with your loved one, right? (Note: There is a long pier here for you to take pictures with a romantic background).

5) Go on a hike at Dharawal National Park

Not only do you get the exercise from walking up and down this mountain but you also get to see beautiful spots such as Jamberoo lookout and Moss Vale. The best part of it all is that there are not many park visitors so everyone gets their photos! (Note: It’s advised that you wear proper training shoes and clothes as it can be unpleasant if you’re wearing sandals or unpleasant clothing.)

6) Watch an outdoor movie at Carrington Lane in Birchgrove

They show both recent and older movies every Saturday night! Provide blankets and pillows as it can get cold, enjoy free popcorn and bring your alcohol! (Note: only 18+ on Saturdays)

7) Go to Bondi Beach for a swim

There is an ocean pool on the right of Bondi beach so you don’t have to worry about waves pushing you around too much. Enjoy some ice cream and even walk up the famous Bondi stairs! (Note: Don’t go during high tide or there will be no ocean pool!)

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Nsw, Beach, Australia, Bondi

8) Have a picnic at North Head Sanctuary

This is a popular spot known for its amazing views of Sydney harbour. There are several lookouts with BBQ areas scattered around the park which makes it perfect for an intimate date night. (Note: This park is free but it is advised to make reservations beforehand due to limited spots.)

9) Go on a beach walk at Tamarama Beach

This one has some rocky areas along the shore which makes for great scenery. There are many eateries and cafes right by the water’s edge. (Note: The waves will be stronger here than Bondi, so be careful!)

10) Visit Dawes Point Park for an amazing view of Sydney harbour bridge

Sit outside overlooking the harbour with your loved one while you enjoy food from any of the several restaurants around! (Note: There are no playgrounds or anything else so don’t expect much other than a nice time with someone special).

Hope these ideas inspire romantic things that couples can do in Sydney!

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