What To Avoid In A Private School

            When I was applying to private schools, I read tons of books on how to get into these schools. The problem with most of the information is that it only tells you what to do to get into a school, not what you should avoid doing while attending one. So today I’m going to tell you the things that are bad about Private School so if you have any doubts about your decision, maybe this will help!

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1. There is no prom in private school

This is probably one of the biggest struggles while attending a private high school. You miss out on some amazing memories while at public school because there’s no prom or homecoming dance for you! And if you’re late, don’t expect an announcement of the dance, because there won’t be one.

2. School is too easy

You will quickly realize that private school is easier than public high school. Have you ever noticed that most private schools are elementary schools with a high school attached? Do you think the curriculum is more challenging in an elementary school setting? I didn’t think so. Most of my friends ended up skipping classes or just not caring about what they were doing, since it’s easier for them to get good grades! If you feel like passing your classes isn’t worth it, then a private school isn’t for you.

3. Don’t expect sports to be fun

Popular kids run the show here, don’t even try to compete with them. Just remember, the only sports you will play in private school are golf and tennis.

4. Being fashionable is a must!

Remember every outfit has to be stylish, so it’s ok to spend money on clothes because everyone else does! This also means that everyone has nicer stuff than you… but guess what? They do too! So there goes your chance of finding common ground with people 🙂

5. Get ready for religious classes and activities

You will find religious holidays and courses extremely annoying if you’re an atheist like me! And trust me, it’s worse than that pointy white hat they make kids wear during semester exams (I can’t stand those). By the end of grade 11, the amount of homework I had was so ridiculous that I didn’t even bother studying for my exams, I just went to class 10 minutes before the test and tried my best. That’s when I found out that religious studies counted as 50% of our marks!

6. If you’re not into theatre or orchestra then don’t come

All the other kids are into one of these two activities, so why aren’t you? If it’s because you want to focus on your grades then forget about it! You will be labelled a bum unless you play an instrument or act in a play.              

7. Getting a part-time job is pointless

Trust me, nobody has any spare time in private school! Your weekends and evenings are filled with homework and extra classes. I was able to find a part-time job but it’s not worth mentioning because nothing is open on the weekends, and evenings are devoted to homework.

8. Private school means no independence

Your parents will still be in control of your life when you go back from the summer break! When you’re a public school all of your friends grow up a lot in grade nine, they get their licenses and some even move out. Most private schools don’t have a student council or any other way for students to take charge of an activity, so everything is done by teachers. This makes going back to a private school in grade 10 feel like going back six years! You will feel like a child again, which can affect your self-esteem.

9. Don’t expect to find your significant other in private school 

The chances that you will meet your future spouse in private school are extremely low because everyone gets into a relationship the moment they enter grade nine and it lasts until they graduate. I met my boyfriend when we were both back at our old public high schools, so if you want to go to prom with someone then come prepared!    

Most kids don’t realize how much pressure their teachers put on them because they’re just trying to get good grades and please their parents. They probably use this tactic because most of these students don’t have any responsibility off of school grounds (sports, part-time job, etc.), so they can focus more on their school work.

For these students, it’s like summer never ends because they’re always at school, but once you graduate then all of a sudden life hits you and everything changes! You have to pay bills, manage your time and learn how to be independent. 

These are just some things that I thought would better explain what private high school is really about, so hopefully, this will help anyone considering going there for grade nine!

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