How To Have A Fantastic Male Stripper With Minimal Spending

So you are throwing a party to celebrate an event, but one of your friends is getting married. This means that it’s time for the ever-popular male strip show! Instead of hiring some random stripper or paying your buddy double because he found a guy, make everyone happy by hiring an established male dance company. It will be cheaper and better quality than hiring individual male stripper.

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To find out how to find the best male strip show, keep reading.

1.  Start your search online

The best way to find the right male dancer for you is by looking on websites that are specific to strip shows. Not only does this keep things organized, but it will give you a huge selection to pick from. If you have some friends who have done this before or if your location has more than one company of this type, look through their websites for good options.

2.  Get a group rate

Having a male dance show is not cheap, however, you can save money by looking out for any deals they may have. Sometimes the company will offer discounts if there are multiple people from your party, which can help keep prices down. Another way to get a deal is to keep track of the company’s deals and discounts. Signing up for their newsletter can get you free passes or even discount codes.

3.  Choose your male dancer carefully

The male dancer is the key to making this party a success (and keeping your guests happy). Think about what you want in a show when choosing your entertainer. Is there a certain theme you want? Are you looking for someone to be silly, serious or somewhere in the middle? Do you want a dancer who is muscular and toned or someone heavier and more of a joker type? Will your guests mainly be female or male (the dancers tend to reflect that)? Keep all of these things in mind as you look through your options.

4.  Watch them dance

Seeing is believing! If he has any samples on his website, watch those videos to see what kind of show they will get. This can help give you an idea about what they offer and how it might fit into your party. You may even find their shows so entertaining that it gets difficult deciding which one to book!

5.  Consider the extras

There are a lot of things that you can add to your order to make it special and personalized:

✦ Add cameras so people who couldn’t be there in person can see what’s going on ✦ Have bubbles, glitter or other special effects blown around during the performance 

✦ Have your dancer wear silly outfits such as animal costumes or specific themed clothes 

✦ Have them wear masks or sunglasses throughout the show 

✦ Get lapel mics for them to talk into while they dance 

✦ Provide fun props like beach balls, frisbees or balloons that they can interact with while dancing *** Remember, a little bit of extra money will go a long way toward making this a memorable experience for all involved.

6. Go with a few fewer drinks.

Taste and enjoy the wine, but don’t guzzle it like you would beers at a football game or mixed drinks at a bar. You’re more likely to get sick from drinking too much on an empty stomach than you are from drinking on top of the food in your belly. Chances are that after all is said and done, you won’t remember how many glasses of punch or champagne you had anyway! Believe us, we know what it’s like: everyone in our line of work has been there before—we’ve been doing this long enough to have seen it all!

If you want to have a party with male strippers Adelaide, make sure you get started at least a month ahead of time. Most male strippers won’t even consider showing up to an event like this on such short notice, and the ones that will be cheap.

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