A Beginner’s Guide To Hen Party Hosting

So, you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid for the very first time and you’re over the moon! You can’t wait to watch your bestie or sibling walk up the aisle to wed the person of her dreams. But initially, you have the not-so-small task of preparing a hen party and giving her the ideal send-off before becoming a wife.

We have some excellent guidance on how to be the ideal bridesmaid, and the supreme guide to preparing the best hen party (we recommend reading that person very first and after that popping back here!) However today, we’re sharing our ideas for any first-time bridesmaids that will leave you with the knowledge to toss a hen party like a pro.

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It is a joke in the workplace, that this guide might be just one idea: great deals of Prosecco – but we do have a few more nuggets of ‘hosting a hen party knowledge’ that we have learned for many years and wish to bestow on very first-timers. Also, you might want to check male strip clubs in Brisbane and see the Classy Hens Night & Day Party Ideas in Brisbane.

Numbers And Nights

Get the bride-to-be to make up a list of precisely who she wants to attend her hen celebration. There are drawbacks and advantages to both, so think carefully about this one and involve the bride.

Set Your Budget

A budget plan is THE most important thing to choose from and needs to be done before any research study goes into activities and locations. Whatever takes place on the hen will depend on how much you can spend. 

Give Plenty Of Notice

When a visitor list has been confirmed by the bride-to-be (and she has provided you with emails and mobile numbers) send out a ‘Save the Date’ so that the visitors can book time off work etc. Do this as early as possible, to avoid journal conflicts with other hens and weddings (yep! when you hit the big 30 your entire summertime is reserved!

Bride-To-Be Understands Finest

Find out if your bride-to-be wants to be associated with the Hen Party preparations, numerous like to be included to some degree, but in my experience, this is a time for the bride to let go a little and leave the preparation to their best friend or buddies. She selected you after all, so she needs to trust you to prepare the right sort of celebration. But ask her what she disliked and loved about other hens – finest to know what kind of thing she’d take pleasure in. You do not desire a bitter bride-to-be on the day.


Do your research! We have seen all varieties of hen dos, from a night at somebody’s house or the regional pub, to worldwide city breaks in Europe and beyond. Marbella is a top location this season and there are some fantastic deals to be had at the minute. A hen night is often a reason for some quality girl bonding time therefore place can be key.

Wherever you decide, make sure you have a look at the very best places to go (and the places to avoid!) before setting off. It may sound ridiculous, but if you select to go abroad then check that everybody has a legitimate passport– you do not desire any tears at the airport!

Work Together With Other Visitors

I understand this could result in a minefield of arguments but attempt to involve the other guests. Don’t be so vague as to ask ‘what are we doing?’ because this will result in a barrage of conflicting concepts, but let them understand your plans and see if they can add anything to it. Remember, there will always be somebody who doesn’t agree, but you can never please everybody, so choose what you feel the bride will want above all.

Invites And Visitor Lists

Send a hen celebration to conserve the date invites to guests as quickly as you have done your research. It would be incredibly awkward if you send an email without any particular details.

Highlight the following:

  • Cost for each guest (consisting of the bride’s cost).
  • Summary of activities (if there are numerous events or days involved, break it down in point type).
  • What’s included and what isn’t included (emphasize unexpected extra expenses such as transport or service fee).
  • Dietary requirements.
  • Dress code.
  • Maps/locations.
  • Savings account information (with the choice of paying in instalments, but no “I’ll pay you later on” choice).
  • RSVP (suggest that RSVP should be separate from group emails. for the act of courtesy sake).

Most significantly, guests require to understand what they are paying for.

This is pricey and time-consuming. By all implies, however, if you have loads of time on your hands, decide for the always-popular Etsy or Vista for bespoke welcomes, or you might go down the e-invite route.

Always follow up with general, concise and clear emails. Nobody wishes to read a 10 paragraph long e-mail, so keep it simple. The other alternative is to start a WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or text message thread if people are too lazy to react to emails.

Bear in mind that you’ll want all the participants’ contact information. Emergency contacts would be terrific too. Create a spreadsheet or keep a notepad on hand for simple recommendations.

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