Tree Removal Do’s & Don’ts That You Should Know

With summer season tree and shrub growth in complete swing, you’re most likely working to maintain your landscape. Regular cutting and pruning can keep the appeal of your landscape and the health of your shrubs and trees– but common mistakes can lead to damage! Also, check out Our team of qualified Arborists offer a range of tree services from Tree & Stump Removal, Pruning & Mulching, Tree Maintenance, Mulching, Firewood, Difficult Tree Removal, Large Tree Removal, Emergency Storm Tree Damage and Tree limb removal services.

Experienced Professionals

It may require an expert or a professional to keep up the trees and take care of it since this requires appropriate training in addition to protection due to the many threats. Here are some of the practices you can apply when you want to move out or keep a tree.

Tree Cutting

Reducing trees can be a hazardous thing to do. It should be done by a specialist and with appropriate equipment. There are also things required to think about before you cut down trees.


  • Ask your arborist or tree care company if they prune according to the American National Standards Institute standard for tree pruning, which is called ANSI A300.
  • This basic recommends, and in many cases requires, that the use of specific tools, cutting methods and pruning approaches be followed, and sets the standard meanings for terms the arborist will utilize in your estimate. Correctly written work price quotes for tree pruning must be written in accordance with ANSI A300 standards.
  • Keep in mind that poor pruning can trigger damage that lasts for the life of the tree.
  • Assess your trees after a storm to see if there is pruning required.
  • Using sharp tools minimizes unnecessary injury to the tree throughout cutting. Tidy tools help prevent spreading disease from tree to tree.
  • Make your very first cut about 1/3 of the way through the underside of the branch. Then cut just ahead of the bottom cut, from the top, to avoid the branch from splitting or tearing when it boils down.
  • The majority of trustworthy tree service companies will supply a complimentary quote for your pruning or cutting needs.
  • Do consider pruning and cutting a year-round procedure. Keep an eye on your trees and the job will be a lot much easier.
  • Make sure the Environment is Clear when Cutting a Tree. It assists to know that in addition to the ones working on eliminating a tree, other people around it are also at a high danger of getting injured by a falling tree.


  • Prune without an excellent reason
  • Eliminate anymore than 25 per cent of foliage during a growing season.
  • Prune a freshly planted tree for the first year, unless you are removing broken or dead branches.
  • Prune within 10 feet of a utility conductor– leave it to the pros.
  • Attempt to deal with a pruning task that requires a chainsaw and ladder work– leave it to the pros.
  • Leave branch stubs, or cut off the branch collar (not make a flush cut).
  • Climb up the tree with climbing up spikes
  • Use injury paint
  • Strip out inner foliage and branches (also called lion-tailing).
  • Do not prune a blooming tree until all the blossoms have opened, and do not prune a tree that’s simply been planted that year. Keep in mind, these are living things, and much like individuals each of them has special requirements. It’s stunning enough to be in brand-new soil, and a deciduous flowering tree needs to be in full bloom prior to any snips being taken.
  • Do not trim more than one-quarter of a tree’s overall branches in any given year. If you spot, that gets in the way of a tree’s natural recovery procedure and brand-new development.
  • Be careful of the Damage Caused by the Tree if it Falls. If the tree is close to your sidewalk or driveway, make certain to consider the damage to these surfaces after tree elimination. Fragile products such as tiles can break easily, which is why you ought to take the required steps to avoid losses after tree removal.

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