Tips To Finding The Right Wedding DJ

When you have actually decided that you want a DJ to offer the music for your wedding event reception, you have to choose the DJ. Selecting the ideal DJ for your wedding can appear like an overwhelming job, due to the fact that you understand that the DJ sets the tone for the reception. So here are our leading suggestions for picking your wedding event DJ:

Know What To Search For And Where

The most common option is to go with a DJ whose main organization is wedding events. These wedding DJs understand the ins and outs of wedding parties and might even be fantastic at working as an emcee to make announcements. To find one of these, do the typical web browsing and asking for referrals from other suppliers.

If your focus is on having excellent dance music, you may consider a DJ from the local club scene. These DJs might actually charge more affordable rates, but they will not necessarily be experienced with wedding events. To discover one you can start by asking at regional clubs. Or Check this boutique events group, to get the list of wedding DJs to get 100+ of wedding DJ and MC in Melbourne.

Ask To Hear Samples Of The Wedding DJ’s Work

As soon as you have actually discovered a DJ or two that appears right for your wedding, ask to see examples of their work. This could be a video of a live efficiency, a mixtape, or sample playlists. The more important to you the quality of the music is, the more you should see and hear prior to employing.

Satisfy The DJ

Set up a meeting with the DJ prior to scheduling them and again before your wedding. As well as assessing their look, you’ll be able to see if you ‘get on’. Ask the DJ for their guidance on when to have the very first dance, buffet and so on, and remember you’ll require about 90 minutes for the disco to set up.

Ask What Devices They Use For DJing

A good worker does not blame his tools In a nutshell, it does not really matter what the DJ is utilizing to blend as long as it sounds fantastic and the dance floor is complete. You may not know this but it is really possible to DJ using complimentary apps on your smartphone– however simply because the app is free does not mean the individual utilizing it is an excellent DJ. Most respectable expert wedding DJs will have a coordinated set lighting program to match their remarkable song selection.


Like anything in life there will always be someone offering more for less … damaging the good guys and attempting to get you to part ways with your tough earned money. Lovelight signs, LED dancefloors, DJ for the entire day plus a free sweet cart and a photo cubicle thrown in for good procedure– all for the sensational rate of blah BE CAREFUL! It’s impossible for a supplier to provide quality and consistency across the board when (if you break it down) they’re in fact making a loss.

Compare Apples To Apples

Image booth? Uplighting? Monogram? Years of experience? Other costs, such as travel, set up, etc? After you have lined up your favourite options, ensure you are comparing “apples to apples” as you finalize your decision.


An award win can be the deciding aspect when torn between any two wedding providers. Some awards might be more valuable than others, but always research the credibility of any award titles or accreditations mentioned. Mainstream market awards are frequently a winner.

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