Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding DJ

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding DJ

A wedding DJ is a professional performer who can run and manage the music that will be played during your wedding. Present technology makes it so you could, in theory, hook up an iPod or laptop computer to some speakers and run the music yourself, there is more to being an effective DJ than loading songs and striking the play button.

It’s about more than simply playing music. Your wedding DJ is accountable for coordinating the timeline, orchestrating the intro and flow of occasions, dealing with your other vendors, handling the guests, checking out the crowd and making sure the ideal song is played at simply the correct time.


When preparing the music for your wedding, it is very important not to undervalue the effect of entertainment on an event and venue like Vogue Ballroom. The right music is important in order to develop a proper background and preferred tone for your event.

Getting the crowd hype

An ideal example of this is our really own DJ Paul, the best wedding event DJ Wiltshire has to use. When he’s not packing the dance flooring at weddings nationwide, Paul is playing some of the greatest dance places in the nation including London O2, Sound Control Manchester, HMV Institute Birmingham and Bristol Carnival.

Ambience Examine

Setting the right vibe and environment is what sets wedding event DJs apart from other types of DJs. Unlike a bar, which is normally a younger crowd, your wedding visitors will consist of family and friends from all generations and walks of life. Discovering ways of keeping all these people dancing can be simpler stated than done.

Peace of Mind

Working with an expert DJ for your occasion permits you to sit back and in fact enjoy the wedding you have prepared. Weddings especially are jam loaded filled with unique minutes and can be difficult to keep track of yourself. A DJ can signal the catering service to put the toasting champagne, announce the cutting of the cake to alert the photographer, and advise you of when your unique dances are happening and when it is time to throw the bouquet. A groom and bride shouldn’t have to worry about making certain whatever is on schedule during their reception. A DJ can manage that for you and provide indispensable comfort.

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