Reviews of cameras

Canon EOS Rebel T1i is a 15.1 mpx CMOS digital SLR camera from Cannon. Because of the 15.1 mpx imaging power, the pics would be of exceptional clarity for sure.


Canon EOS Rebel T1i is with the DIGIC 4 Image Processor which makes the different operations inside the camera pretty fast. It also makes it possible to deliver high quality, detailed photographs.

Reviews of cameras

Canon EOS Rebel T1i provides us with high quality digital photos with great color and tonal details. And this is done with the help of the 14 it analog to digital convertor, which is actually a 14 bit processor.

Have you ever wondered about shooting HD videos using a digital camera? Well, Cannon EOS Rebel T1i comes with video capture capabilit as well. Once you activate the movie mode, the 3.0 inch LCD screen will be allowing you to shoot the videos at crystal clarity. You can then save it and even view it in your HDTV.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i

Like us, you would also have been to situations in which capturing pics is almost impossible without flash. Don’t worry those are old stories. Now, with your cool Canon EOS Rebel T1i, you’ll be able to do take pics even in such sitations. Thanks to the wide range ISO settings available in Canon EOS Rebel T1i.


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