How can you clean you washing machine in the best possible way? A few quick solutions for every washing machine!

A washing machine has, probably, several times a week to deal with dirt. We put our dirty clothes in and then the idea is that they will come out nice and clean again. But if you never clean your washing machine, your clothes will also be stale. And in addition to musty clothes, leftover dirt will make your washing machine wear out faster. Find out how to clean your washing machine quickly to prevent stale laundry. Ofcourse you can choose a wasmachine Bosch to make sure you have a quality one, but AEG wasmachines do also work perfectly!

Washing machine cleaning: general

Before you start using one of the methods below to clean the washing machine, you should first clean the rubbers of the washing machine thoroughly with kitchen paper. You’ll see that a lot of dirt is already coming out of it. Maybe you’ll even bring out some of the missing items.

Also clean the soap dish well with a sponge. Now that you’ve done this, you can use one of the methods below to thoroughly clean the washing drum.

Cleaning with cleaning vinegar

With cleaning vinegar you can clean garden tiles, clean the dishwasher and therefore also clean the washing machine. Throw a dash of vinegar into the detergent tray and run the empty drum at 90 degrees Celsius.

Please note that acids such as cleaning vinegar can affect the interior of your washing machine. Do not use cleaning vinegar too often, once every three months is sufficient.

Soda in washing machine

Use about a whole to half cup of soda to clean the washing machine. If you use too much, it is also harmful and the washing machine will wear out more quickly. Throw the cup of soda in an empty drum and run a program of 90 degrees. At a high temperature, bacteria will be killed and all the dirt will loosen.

Dishwasher tablet in washing machine

Cleaning the washing machine with a dishwasher tablet ensures that the aphid disappears. Grease louse is the greasy substance that remains in the washing machine. Fatty lice are caused by skin fat and skin flakes that clump together with detergent.

Put one or two dishwasher tablets in the empty drum and turn the washing machine on at 90 degrees. After that you won’t be bothered by dirty smells anymore!

  • Furthermore, it is wise to leave the washing machine open at all times. If you always close the washing machine after use, the bacteria will grow and spread. You don’t want that!
  • Do you have any good tips for cleaning the washing machine?

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Chiropractor Mornington Services

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